Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hard Weekend

One year ago my sisters only daughter Laura was tragically killed in a car accident by a truck that was in another lane , driving too fast for the road conditions and lost control and hit her car. She was on spring break and was traveling to visit friends. She also had her favorite companion with , Saffo her dog . He survived , and that is a whole story in it's own ! Laura only 27 was beautiful , talented ,intelligent , loving, and so many more things . She is so deeply missed. So tall and blond , when she walked into a room everyone noticed her ! Now she is in heaven rejoicing with her father who was killed ten years ago in a tragic airplane crash. We never know what each day holds , but we know who holds us ! Life can be so very hard some days and some pain almost unbearable, but for a moment and then in eternity we will all be together again !