Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Projects In The Works

I have been working on a lot of different projects getting ready for up-coming sale in Oct ! Last night I finished these, they will be magnets! In the background ... things waiting to be soldered! My home is surrounded in projects , kitchen table is the snowman project , my counter top I am using to cut large paper board for some books I will bind, and not to mention my studio ! I guess it is a good thing my two kitties dont mind a mess !
Fall is in the air ( I hate to admit it ) because I know what comes after fall .... WINTER ! I am so not ready for winter yet !

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fabulous Etsy Shop!

Because of my small town location it is sometimes the pits to buy crafting supplies, oh how I envy when my sister will call me and tell me that she just went to her favorite fabric shops or even one of the major chain crafting supply stores! The closest town that has larger shops is two hours away! I am so thankful for the internet because it gives me the freedom to shop online and then my treasures are delivered to my door !! Looking for some items on Etsy I came across a wonderful shop Divine Moments , I ordered a few things and in a few days there was my order! If you love paper and all of the great products that are available now you need to check out Amy's shop and her blog also ! I was looking for a certain item and she ordered it for me , how is that for service ! The photos are of a mask I got from Amy's shop , love those things , they are a lot of fun to work with ! Below are some paper flowers I made using up paper scraps !!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cookies !

Just had to post these adorable cookies ! My youngest daughter was hosting a shower for one of her friends who had just been blessed with a new little baby girl ! For the shower she made special cookies for everyone to take home as a favor, I think they turned out soooo adorable ( I had to sneak two away ) she decorated them in pastels and each one stored in a sweet little cellophane bag , easy to take home in.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend !! I am off to creating ... need to get a lot more made for my upcoming craft sale!

Monday, September 7, 2009


I hope everyone is having a wonderful long weekend, after this it will be chaining my foot to the studio and making myself stay on task ! I am doing a craft sale in my home town in October( which I have not done in many years ) ! So I need to get a lot of things created! I have way too many things I want to make and it always ends up .... not enough time !

I have created a pile of altered journals , larger ones and mini size.I have used paper, vintage paper,fabrics, and whatever else I find in creating these ! So will share a photo of some of them and get back to creating !
Have a fabulous & blessed weekend !

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Re-Do !

Where do the days go? Sorry about not getting back to my little ole' blog for more posts , but it has been crazy busy !I could list it all , but you would get bored! Took a before photo of a chair I have in my living room , was a flea market find many years ago , I painted it and recovered the cushion . Well that was a few years ago & children and kitties , so I "re-did" the chair ! I had a chandelier stencil and painted on some linen fabric and also on the back , had some chocolate brown fabric ( same as my drapes) and made a small pillow. I have so many projects to catch up on and I am also trying to get a lot of things made for an up-coming craft sale, will post some photos at a later time of some of those things !
Have a blessed day !