Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation Is Over !

I have not posted for quite some time as I was on vacation ! Oh what fun it was ! It is always great to get away , but vacations always come to an end too ! The main reason I went out to Spokane was to see my oldest grandson graduate ! He is a sweetheart and also handsome !

While I was in Spokane we also spent a few days in Seattle for some shopping and lots of eating ! One of the fun things my daughter and I did was get a makeover at Sephora, at first I was a little hesitant ( I am not much for a ton of makeup and was thinking I may end up looking like a street walker when I was done ) Not so , we had a fabulous color artist and I so enjoyed the whole thing ! One of the products she used was HD High Definition Powder , this is so fabulous , it is a microfinish powder that you put on after your foundation , it feels wonderful and makes your makeup last all day ! Love it & just wanted to share this find to all of you ! We ended up with a lot more than the photo shows... oh dear , but it was a lot of fun !

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vacation Time !

Vacation Time !!!
Have been planning a vacation for quite some time , headed out to Spokane to my oldest grandson’s graduation !! Oh how fast the years go by & not to mention that it really dates me too ! So right now I am on the train headed on out ! Love taking the train , as it gives me a chance to rest , relax and catch up on a whole lot of reading ! And not to mention the snacks that also are stashed in a bag waiting to be devoured . I am sure they are all healthy and with zero calories! Will wait for the dinning car call for dinner this evening and eat my evening meal , makes for a great break in the trip. In the past I have had pretty good luck with the food on the dinning car . I have also met some interesting people in the past while eating , otherwise I usually try to keep to myself and read, eat, sketch and nap !
While I am on my vacation I will also be celebrating a big ole birthday , so when I return I will also be doing a giveaway in honor of that! My daughter & husband are taking me to Seattle for my birthday to downtown to the art shops, ect ! So I will try to take lots of photos and share some !