Monday, July 27, 2009

Organize and Inspire !

I have been so busy with all the usual things , extra yard work and get together's with family that I have not posted as much ! I have been trying to organize my studio some more , that can be a never ending project! Photo below is some of my ribbons , I have more stored in drawers,all of my wider ribbons, but I love the handy little holders for some ribbons ! I really need to liquidate a lot of things , but that also takes time!
I made some little "signs " from scrabble words , to sit in a special spot to encourage you !I have this one listed in my Etsy shop.
Off to do more errands for the day !

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independance Day !

Happy Fourth Of July to everyone ! I am so thankful that I live in the USA , and that we have the freedom to do so many things that we take for granted! Some are small things , like the ability to even post a blog ! This past month I did follow some of the election in Iran and the development's after it ! All of the Tweets on Twitter from some of those brave souls touched my heart , I know that many of those that chose to speak their voice are now probably being held , imprisoned and even tortured ( many even killed) for only speaking their opinion ! My heart and prayers go out to all of them and the many others in this world facing hardships because they do not have the freedom we are so fortunate to have ! And we are able to have this freedom because of our soldiers who give and have also paid with their lives that we can enjoy this freedom today . God bless the USA !

I am off to the usual picnic and boating ( oh help , I am a big chicken & no I dont water ski and all that , I love the shore ! ) with my family , just hope the weather cooperates and the bugs dont get us !!!