Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Funky and Fabulous Finds

Have come across some fabulous finds , thought I would share some of them with you ! I came across this wonderful old box ....lifted it and inside it is full of metal letters for a sign. These would be great in altered art , or even in home decor ! A lot of letters all in various sizes!
Found these vintage science lab flasks ! Love the tallest one , has an adorable little glass stopper also , the design of these is so simple , yet has the potential to make a great statement on a shelf or table scape !
Do you love wine?? A wicker wine case , ready to carry on an afternoon outing ! How cute is that?
Old buttons !! My eyes seem to search these out all the time , What is it about old buttons , seems like they can tell a story all of there own ! Love the carved buttons in this tin I got full of a bunch of "stuff" !
Vintage ( well somewhat vintage) aviation log book , I love the images , great for altered art projects !! Fabulous colors !

Have a wonderful week ! Summer has been so busy that my posting is now & then whenever I can fit one it , hope you are having a fabulous summer !!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flying By !!!

Is it just me or anyone else seems as though the days just fly by & poof, only so many hours in a day & only so much accomplished !! With summer here it is always more time needed for yard work , which I could be outside in my yard all day doing some project if I had the time ! One of my son's moved out of town so that was a lot of work to pack up his house , sad to have him move but he travels so much with his job that this was a good move for him to make his life a little easier! As mom's we have to learn to let go all the time , and I will admit , Iam a big baby when it comes to that ! So with all that life dishes out I would like to order up some extra energy & a few more hours I guess ! Love my little dish I purchased at a yard sale , the little birdies are just too sweet ! Sorry for the bad photo !
I also wanted to share some pic's of my wonderful goodies I received from Starrydeborah ! Be sure to visit her blog here and she also has two shops on Etsy , her French & Shabby Chic shop and her other shop with tussie mussies , eclectic creations and wedding treasures ! She had a giveaway awhile back & I was lucky enough to be a winner of one of her boxes of treasures !

The sweetest little frame to use in a project , and my all time favorite, buttons ! Never can have too many of those !! and look at those tins, just too adorable ! The little bottle will definitely get altered ! And poker chips , what fun they will be to work with !! A vintage wood "basket" that will hold some treasures !Gotta make some time now to go play !

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend !