Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Flea Market

Happy Harvest Time ! I do not celebrate Halloween at my home , I love harvest time and fall , all the beautiful colors and seasonal change ......but not the scarry things !! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend ! I was down with a horrid cold , so Iam behind in everything !!! I will list a few things for Friday Flea Market , click " here " for link to my page of goodies ! I do have PayPal buttons , but if you prefer you can contact me ( leave a comment ) for other payment , check , RME , & money orders also .

Enjoy checking out the Friday Flea Markets !

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Repurposed and Altered !

Finding various treasures along the way going to estate sales and thrifting it is amazing what little treasures combined will produce ! One of my most favorite things to create is using old or discarded items and creating something fun !

Listed this little birdie under a glass cloche dome on a pedestal on Etsy! Living a little serene life in it's own little world !

Hope you are having a wonderful , blessed & creative week !

Monday, October 20, 2008

Treasury List of CAST TEAM members

I created a Treasury List today with CAST Team members ! Such a variety of talented artists to choose from , I think that picking items is one of the hardest things to do ! And I also get sidetracked in choosing items and have to check out something cool and before you know it hours have passed ! If you get a chance you should check out some of the fabulous artists !! They are :
My treasury list photo is small...sorry and I dont have time to re-do it , I hope the link will work and you can see the real deal !Hope you have a blessed and creative week ! I will be out of town visiting my sister & shopping ( oh goodie !)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Autumn Open House

Thank you to Deena at Can I Be Pretty In Pink for hosting the Autumn Open House ! You can click on the link to a list of all the other open house blogs !

Welcome to humble home !! Fall left and we had early winter , so any snap shots outside just went out the door !! I have taken some shots of a few little fall decor areas in my home for you to view !

Starting with the top of an old vintage cupboard in my living room , ( the photo is of the top too , so it looks a little crummy...that's because it was an old cupboard I striped and refinished , some was not very good condition , but has more sentimental value than anything) .I have a display of some of my white pottery ( I love white pottery) with some fall shades of glassware and a glass dome covering some treasures of fall ! I know , the poor little pheasant has a broken beak but it is a treasure that was my aunts, so I keep it for that !

A fall arrangement of florals!

Sitting on a shelf in my kitchen is an orange Fiesta Ware gravy bowl filled with a candy treat ! I like to take candy corn and mix with dry roasted peanuts ! Sounds crazy , but it really does taste good together !

A vintage glass dome that I filled with some "beaded" fruit , sits next to a lamp, sorry for the dark photo !!
A basket that sits on a ledge by my stairs , filled with some boyds bears that a friend gave me a years ago and some other little things , a pumpkin, scarecrow and a crow on sticks that I made a long time ago !!
I usually set this sugar creamer set out in the fall because it has the wheat pattern ( Harvest ), my dad was a farmer & this was from a set of dishes my mother had , I kept these !!
Last I have a tin container that hangs on a closet door , I fill it with greens for the season ! Hope you all have a blessed fall and Thanksgiving ! Every season has a purpose and I always think of fall and harvest ( as a farmers daughter ) and how much we are to be thankful for and how blessed we all are !!! I thank God every day for all that He has done for me and in me & pray that you will be blessed !

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Winter Came Early !

Woke up this morning to a gentle surprise ! Did I say gentle? It is more of a shocking one! Snow coming down , wet and heavy , covering everything ! I am so not ready for winter yet ( I never am ) . Snow, cold ,just plain don't like it ! But I still live here, so I need to adjust! Below is a photo I took on my deck of a little wood bench I have a string of lights on and a bird cage.....they are covered! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

I made a big pot of chicken and dumplings ! What could be better to have on a cold day? My most favorite chicken broth to use is Watkins Poultry Broth ! Pictured here ! I love using this brand , not so salty as some others , yet so easy to keep on hand!

The finished product !

Have a warm and creative day !!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Flea Market

Friday Flea Market

I posted a few more treasures for today ! Click here to check it all out ! I take PayPal and you can also choose to mail payment, just leave a comment and I will get back to you with all the info !
Have a wonderful Friday of shopping !!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall, Blogs and more !

First off Iam featured on Moxie's Photo & Design blog today ! Her blog is full of stories, features sellers and tips on vintage finds ( she is the queen on vintage finds)!!You will have to go check it out and leave a comment ! Her Etsy shop is full of fabulous vintage finds and a second shop with her photo design ! Thanks Moxie !

Second , I am joining Deena at Can I Be Pretty In Pink , in the Autumn Open House ! On Oct 15th everyone will post photos of their fall decorations !! I will have to get busy & start taking photos now !!! A link is to the right for the Autumn Open House !

Vintage treasures !! I have been thrifting and doing some cleaning out and destashing and I have lots of treasures to share ! I will post most of them in my SecondTreasures shop on Etsy and also on the Friday Flea Market ! So keep checking for some new finds ! Sorry about the bad photos , I tried grouping a tiny portion of some of my finds, but it is a little preview !

Friday, October 3, 2008

Foo Foo and Friday Flea Market

Too many things going on right now so Iam a little late posting my Friday Flea Market new treasures !! Some vintage sewing goodies , a lilac tea cup set with vintage treasures and the sweetest little green and white crochet "dress" potholder ! So click on my link and check them out !

Also finished a FooFoo little dress for my littlethings1 shop ! An adorable little wire dress form all foo foo'd up ! Two repurposed necklace's also !! I have been working on a lot more things , just takes time to finish all the last details and take photos !!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous fall !