Friday, December 26, 2008

Is This Going Green ?

Just had to share one of my Christmas experiences !! My family was all gathered together and after a huge dinner we all sat down to share the gifts we brought ! One of my son's ( he is single , if this helps to explain some of this!) was passing out some gift cards to a restaurant as his gift for everyone ( easy and sure to please ...right ? ) after passing them out he states .... "everyone get one? " I said , no I didn't and he replied with , oh , I got you something else ! So he reached into his coat pocket and pulls out this "wrapped" gift !

I am thinking to myself ... half eaten chips ? Who knows what lies inside this package ! The ultimate in going green packaging I would have to say ! I really know that it is not his concern for going green , as it is usually far from his thoughts !Or better yet , a single guy that hates to wrap gifts is more like it !

So I reach in and feel something , pull it out & this is what was inside !!!

So how cool was that ! Now I can listen to all the tunes I love anywhere !! ( Thank you Josiah ! )

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from My Home !

Just a quick post to say Merry Christmas to everyone ! I hope you all have a wonderful time and that you will take time to reflect on the reason why we celebrate Christmas !!Posted below are some photos from my home !
Little girl under a glass dome , perched on a pedestal plate , surrounded by some sparkly beads !

Snow Babies and one of my wreaths , from shabby frames and topped with winter greens !!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Candy Canes and Dreams

A quick little post !! I have been busy , like everyone else I guess with all the last errands and things to finish before Christmas ! I do hope that everyone is enjoying this time of year !! I do have to say I have made myself not do as much as I have in the past and want to focus on the more important things of life! Some days life may not always be sweet and our dreams may fade, but if we cling to the hope that no matter what we face in life God is with us in everything , big and small ! I remember someone saying these words ...." speak life into your dreams " ! How true , as we can either speak life or death, be negative or positive , it is our choice !!

The photo is of some Candy Canes I made last year , sitting in a jar of "snow" !! Have a sweet & blessed day !

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree !!

Last evening I finally got my tree up !! Had all of my house decorated before Thanksgiving , just had the tree left to do ! My daughter encouraged me to get it up , because my granddaughter would love to have it up , she is 14 months old , she loves there tree ( she actually goes up to it and stretches her arms open and is "hugging" the tree !) , so here it is ! I use a lot of the same ornaments from all the previous years and it is sad , I create things , but my ornaments on my tree are all purchased or a lot of them have been gifts . If you see little tiny crochet baskets in white , my mom crochet those several years ago when she was still able to do that . I have a lot of them on the tree, some years I have filled them with florals , ect ! I still use the gold , which I would love to change to silver ... sometime !Also the icicles a friend made from beads , a little shimmer. I definitely do not go overboard !!! My tree is along a wall in my living room that is painted a chocolate brown , and that is a cupboard door in the way , sorry ... it is what my tv sits in and I should of closed it for the photo!

We are having a major blizzard at the moment , will be getting a ton of snow dumped on us and cold beyond anything !

Hope everyone is safe and warm !

Friday, December 12, 2008

coldness !!!!

That is what the weather is suppose to be , coldness beyond description ! With a -15 below temp & around eight inches of snow, have no idea what it will actually be like with the wind chill , but it will be COLD ! I think I will fill up my vehicle today to be on the safe side and get some supplies !
I will try to complete many projects that I have started and also Christmas gifts , so thankful for a warm home !
I listed some things on Etsy , I repurposed a vintage silver chalice into a birdie nest, fit for a queen ! A one of a kind treasure ! Also listed a collaged pink dress, with a vintage earing for some fabulous bling !
Stay safe & warm !
Pink Glamour

Silver Birdie Nesting !

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Healing Expressions

I belong to a ning group called Ruebee a place for Christians to gather to honor God with our handmade things ! Via that group is a wonderful artist Healing Expressions , Lani Kent ! All of her art is amazing . She just hosted an open house for the Christmas season and what a joy it would of been to be there ! Her home was filled with her wonderful art work and lots of goodies !You can visit her blog and read all about it and see all of her fabulous creations ! She is also having a giveaway , wow .... it is an adorable treasure box filled to the brim with delightful Holiday Art ! Click" here "to visit and sign up by leaving a comment on her blog ! But I am crossing my fingers that I will be the one picked !

Look at all the Treasures !

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Around My House !

I have to admit that I decorated most of my house before Thanksgiving this year ! One of my daughters and her family came & wanted me to have my Christmas decorations up as she never gets to see them as they live many miles away ! I have a white "bookshelf" in my kitchen that I change out for the seasons , and this is a little scene on the top shelf. A snowman that a friend gave me many years ago under a glass and metal container , also a dept 56 winter kitty another friend gave me ( as I love my kitties !) sits under another glass dome .

This is the top of a vintage cupboard I have had for many years , is in my living room . On top this year I put a small tree in a white metal container , lights covered by some sheer fabric and my favorite green wire basket filled with all vintage glass ornaments , also a white snow bear given to me by a friend with a huge clear glitter type ball sitting near the bear !

Hope everyone is having a fun holiday season , now Iam off to finish many of the projects I have going to list on Etsy !

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Creamy Brown !

Did a Treasury List last night , Creamy Brown ! I love those colors ! My photo is rather small so I will post the sellers links so you can check out there shops !

Papapots , fabulous pottery !

Tickebean , stunning jewelry !

The Haunted Hollow Tree , wonderful art !

PeskyCatDesigns , adorable handbags !

KeepsakeCourture , cards that are awsome !

BeadDiddy , Iam in love with the brunch necklace !

BestArtStudios , my son loves his art !

khphillips , these bowls are a reserve item , but I love the design on them !

sheknitsamy , are these just too cute ?

tylr , cutest little whirlpool ring

peaseblossomstudio ,adorable tags !

lilybirddesigns, unique jewelry and scarfettes !

Monday, December 1, 2008

First Day Of December !!

Oh wow how the days go by so fast ! December first and Iam behind in creating treasures !!! I have most of my Christmas decotations up in my home , except for my tree, which I will put up later ! Thanksgiving came and went and was especially fun for me as my daughter and her family that live in Spokane came !! A joy to my heart !! I hope your Thanksgiving was a blessing to you , but more so that you will be blessed much in the year ahead !

A few of my Christmas creations that are for sale at The Little Things