Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nifty Thrifty Tue !!!

Joining in on Coastal Charm's Nifty Thrifty no. 13 !! A few of my finds from over the weekend ! One yard sale had this adorable tarnished silver tray , was $1.00 ! I love it ! I also have a weakness for glass jars and containers , so I found my share of them , this vintage jar with bees on it , is that just too adorable ?
In the background is an unusual looking container , have no plan for it , but I am sure it will hold supplies of some kind ! The tarnished silver candlestick is also so charming!And the tarnished silver necklace , is this a them goin' on here ? Guess my eyes just fall on certain things first ! Love the well worn look of them !!

Also found a cute ceramic container in white ... my favorite color! Perfect size to hold tea in! Love the shape & design of it !

So simple and clean looking !!

And then again ... my love for bottles and glass containers , I found this vintage bottle with a glass cap , will use as an altered bottle ! And this vintage glass mushroom container , it tells me it should be a terrarium ! Don't you think it would be perfect for that ?

Thanks for stopping by , leave a comment if you have time & now I am off to visit all of the other posts ! Have a fabulous & blessed day !  http://linda-coastalcharm.blogspot.com/

Friday, May 21, 2010

yard work...gardening..plants !

I have been so busy the last week , doing much needed yard work and gardening ! Now that our weather has cooperated and spring is finally here ! We had a lot of rain and it put a lot of yard work behind ! So it is full force yard work now & because I am the only chief cook and bottle washer here it is only me who gets the yard work done too ! But I do enjoy it , planting and watching everything grow , it is a wonderful thing ! I have all along the front of my house the "white" rocks from when I moved into this home over 15 years ago ! Now it is all crummy and the weeds pop through and is looking bad , so I decided I have to quit putting it off and remove all of the rocks !! This may be an on-going summer project ! It is a lot of work getting all of those little rocks up ! I have been using plastic tubs to put all of them in ! I am planting some different ferns as it faces north and they do well there , my most favorite fern is this one ... the tube fern !When they get bigger , they are impressive! I also planted an adorable Juncus "Twister" in a pot , I love all of the twisted and varied greens in this one plant !
I also made a three tiered planter that I had seen on Positively Splendid , you can click here for her tutorial ! Her planter was painted in wonderful bright colors ! I did mine in hammered finish tones and then stenciled my house numbers on also ! This will also be in the area where I am removing all of the "rocks" so it looks a little tacky right now !
I also planted some more perennial plants , one is for kitties , and yes I have caught my kitty tasting it ! I can not remember the name of the plant though !
I also have a lot of thinning out to do , I have some Lily of the Valley ( I love these plants ) but they are growing out of there space and need to get back into control ! They are in the top photo of this post !! I have also been working on my garden , about 90 % done and hope it all grows !

I know that the stakes are not really very "cute" but do the job well .They are from a local company Stringliner , I have known them most of my life , you may have seen some of there products in your local stores !
Last photo is of an adorable squirrel ! Our neighbor had caught it and brought it over so we could all see it , my daughter & her family were here so the grand kids got to "touch" it ! The squirrel and family had been creating some problems on there patio roof , so they were repairing it and caught the squirrel , but let it go back in the same spot ! Super adorable , at least I think so !

Have a fabulous weekend ... I have got to get back to creating soon !

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Junk Fest

I know this is a little early for some of you , but ................... this way you can PLAN ! I will be a vendor at the upcoming Junk Fest this fall , check out there blog also for the details & more inspiration ! Save the date , Sept 11 th !
The above photo is just one of the many types of items I will be bringing ! Now I am off to get busy creating !!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day !

I would like to say a great big happy mother's day to each of you mom's ! I will be over at my mom's today also ..... she is 90 years old , but doing well ! My mom was very artistic and I would have to say that is what inspired me also . When I was young I remember how she made lovely decorated wedding cakes , she would sew most of our clothes ,and taught me how to crochet and knit! She also created jewelry ( I still have some of the components today ) and she loved painting with oils on canvas ! She also had a love of gardening and I remember all the time we spent in the garden's ( she had two , one close to the house and another a little further out) , and I would have to say it sparked my love of gardening also ! I have had lots of gardens and flowers and it always reminds me of the weed pulling I did when I was young! The photo above is of my mom when she was in college!I would also like to thank Amy over at Mod Podge Rocks for featuring one of my burlap covered vintage bottles on her blog ! There is always a lot of wonderful inspiration over at that blog !Have a wonderful day everyone !!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

What's Up With This ?

What is up with this? This is what I woke up to ..... is it really May 2 ? This is a watering can I have sitting on a little wood bench my dad made for me many years ago ,all dusted with snow ! We have been teased with a few nice spring days and now it has been cold and rainy , mixed with snow . Brrrrr , I am so ready for spring ! It's coming I know !

Yesterday there were a few yard sales , most were cancelled because of the cold , but I did hit one that had fabulous things! Was an estate sale, an elderly woman's family was having a sale of everything in her home . She had wonderful things , I just wished I wouldn't of been two hours late getting there! I was busy taking care of some other things before I made it to check out all of the yard sales! Beautiful Bleko glassware, adorable bird cage, and that silver teapot ... the lid is broken but I already know what Iam going to do with it so it doesn't matter. That super tall white milk glass vase is beautiful !

Just a few of the treasures I got , don't you love it when you find great things? Have a blessed Sunday !