Sunday, April 13, 2008


Last week I spent the afternoon at a home for troubled girls. It is a home for girls that have either been in trouble with the law or problems at home . I was asked to share some crafts with them as it was their spring break and it would help break up the long days for those that were there .

I decided to make some magnets and necklaces. Something that young girls can use ! I started with bottle caps and glass marbles , they could make these into either a magnet or necklace , using an image and other finds and sealing it with Diamond Glaze. Also had the dominoes and wood scrabble pieces that we also put various images and colors on and topping off with the diamond glaze again for a finished look to their art projects. Photos are of some of my examples I had brought along. They all seemed to enjoy the afternoon of creating and was just as much fun for me to share with them !

Friday, April 11, 2008

Etsy Handmade Wedding

Today my article for the Handmade Wedding series is up ! You will have to go check it out ! What is more fabulous than a wedding and all the planning and effort going into one very important day ! I was the Wedding Coordinator for our church for over ten years and had seen every type of wedding ! And oh the things that go on !! Some times I had thought I should write a book about all the happenings that would go on , the sweet things that would take place and also standing in between a disagreement ! It was a lot of work , yet I did enjoy it . Hope you pop over to Etsy and check out all of the articles on Handmade Weddings .. they are a lot of fun to read !!