Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tools and Treasures !

I have been spending a lot of time in my studio , creating and also organizing again ...so I can get it all into a big mess again !! I am sure that we all get attached to some tools we use and today I will share a few of mine ! I have lots of scissors , but these two are my most used ! I purchased these Mundial scissors a few years ago and use them only for my sewing , they cut sooooo well! The feather edge scissor is also one of my most favorite ones to use in my paper crafting projects ! I love the edge that it creates !

I love these pliers, they were my dad's and they are very old , but I have used them and used them on so many projects, they are the right size and ever so easy to use ! The awl is something my son gave me from his stash ( he has a giant one) and I have also used these for so many different things . He creates fabulous jewelry from precious stones , most of them he finds right from his area where he lives , he also works with glass, which is another new project I will have to learn ! He mailed a glass kiln to me so I will have to "melt" things now !! Oh if only there were enough hours in the day !!!

And I have some of my rubber stamps in this wood container , easy for me to glance at them and see what I need !! Sad to admit , but these are just some of mine , my clear sets are in another container !
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Saturday, January 24, 2009


This past week I have been working on several projects ! While I was so busy creating, I started to ponder my work space..... I create better when it is in a mess, because more of my things are at hand. After a big creating "spree" I do have to pull in the reins and do a mass cleaning and re-organize everything ! I did take a few shots of some of the things in one of my work rooms ... yes , I am fortunate enough that I have two work rooms ! One is an office room , where I have my large sewing machine and lots of shelves for stuff on end ! The other room is suppose to be a family room so it is large and I have a "desk" that goes around three of the walls ....so I can never complain of enough work area ! I usually have several projects going at all times on this area ! So I leave you with some pic's:
A shelf with some jars of treasures
a basket I keep some stray papers in
Vintage hat box that I also keep smaller stray vintage trims
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

lollishops !

Well ..... I finally got my lollishops store up ! I only have two things listed so far ( hey , I've been busy trying to get things created ) !

I had Vanessa from BearsBanners ( click on her shop name) create my banner! Same banner at the top of my blog !! She is so much fun to work with , so if you need any graphics or a banner made consider her shop!!
This is a short post because I need to get back at it & create more treasures !! Have a blessed day everyone !

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Buton Jar !

I have been busy creating ! I created a primitive wool heart that I covered in all white and creamy tone buttons , my favorite colors ! Finishing things to put on Etsy and also getting a number of things ready to list on lollishops ! When I am ready to open I will post and share some of those creations !I have not opened my store there yet , waiting on Vanessa ( Bears Banners and Graphics ) to make a banner for me ! So excited to see what she comes up with ! As you can tell , everything is in creamy whites... guess I am just drawn to those colors !!! So I leave you with a few photos of some of the projects !! Below is a wristlette made using vintage lace , buttons and felted wool, check out the ever so teeny little buttons that were already on this piece of vintage lace to begin with , I just love them ! They are little silk covered treasures !

Wool heart covered in many many buttons.... yes all sewn by hand ! With a vintage lace hanger and distressed and aged tag !

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Seems like this past year has gone so fast ! This past year has had some very hard trials that I thought I would never have to experience in life and it has also brought about many wonderful things also ! So in life we continue on and I realize everyday my need to trust in God to bring me through and to help me to do His will !

I hope each of you have a blessed new year ahead and that it is full of health and happiness and the peace that only God can give !!

I had to share this sweetest ever little hat I purchased from Babyrocksmohawks on Etsy ! I got it for my granddaughter Haddie , she is 16 months old ( Hadassah Ruth is her full name ) !