Monday, August 25, 2008


Has been a very busy time with birthday's !! My mother turned 89 over the weekend , my youngest daughter has a birthday this week and is also moving into their new home , moving is a lot of work , but fun to move into a new place ! Also her daughter , my youngest granddaughter turns one this week also !! So needless to say it is party time !! I was checking out this new feature Polyvore that Kristin at My Polka Dot World had on her blog for creating some fun things ! So you will have to take the time and explore it and see what you can come up with !! I went crazy with the birthday theme !! Okay , you cold spend a lot of time exploring it , but is fun !!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dessert Anyone?

I was busy organizing a bunch of my vintage jewelry stash , so I thought I would take a photo of some of my treasures in my pretty pink pedestal dish, just like a dessert is served up ! Bling , treasures, past memories, and pretties , all in one !! The little rhinestone pin in the center of a lady is one of my mothers, she use to also make jewelry when I was small and this is one of the pieces left from that , missing a stone , but is still a treasure !

So as I was busy sorting through everything , the thoughts of our real treasures in life! Our families and friends, little moments that will forever be with us, some good and some bad, yet they all make up life and tell a story. As I talked to a friend this morning she is with a nephew that is only 33 years young and on his dying bed. She is staying with his mother to be there as a help as she goes through this extremely hard thing life hands out.I know that he Will be in the arms of Jesus when it is his time which is a comfort.

Having much to be thankful for , children, grandchildren , friends and health. The ability to create and also the ability to also be in touch with others not possible years ago such as YOU ! It is wonderful to be able to be in touch with others that also have a love to create !

So this being said ..... have a wonderful day , be blessed and be thankful !!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Around the House !

Thought I would just share a few photos of some things in my home ! Sometimes the things we posses are not valuable in others eyes , but the sentimental value is more ! Everything has it's own story !

The first photo is of a very old cup & saucer ! My mother ( who is 89 years) purchased this when she was first married for just pennies ! My father ( who is 96 years ) used this cup for his coffee ! My parents have had a wonderful marriage, one routine that they always had was my mother made coffee first thing in the morning and then brought my dad coffee in bed & they would sit for awhile in bed and start their day around a cup of coffee ! I know it is hard to imagine for some people , but I really never remember my parents ever having a disagreement even when I was growing up, I guess one would have to say "happily married" fits them well !

Second little photo is of one of my white depression glass sets with sweet little birdies nested inside ! They are Dept 56 birds , I found lost at a thrift shop and they wanted a home ! Now they are happy to have someone to care for them !!
Hope you enjoyed a little peek at some of my treasures !

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Saturday I received a pleasant surprise in my mail box ! An issue of Somerset HOME !

They sent me a copy of this issue as I have some of my creations in it ! How fun !

Awhile back one of the editors contacted me through my Etsy shop to see if I would submit some of my Tins !! So I packed them up and off they went !

Three of them were included in the Suite Retreats Gallery.

Now Iam off to get busy creating as I have taken some time off the past month to help my children with different projects , one of which was my youngest son , soon to be 21 on the 6th of August just bought a house , so we moved him in , painted and cleaned ! An adjustment for mom !