Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can You Imagine !

Has been busy around here , the weather has been somewhat horrid ....but I have to say I am thankful we didn't get a ton of snow , just enough to do some snow removal ! On Monday it was my dad's birthday , he turned 98 ! Hard to imagine ! My parents still live in their own home ( my mom is 90 ) they have been sweethearts since they were young and still continue to hold hands ! It is so sweet to see two people still loving each other after all those years. My dad was a farmer all his life , he so enjoyed it! I am very fortunate to have has a father that was always kind and giving.

I am off to work on projects! Have a blessed day everyone !

Friday, January 15, 2010

Organize !

The past few days I have been on a mission !!! I have been going through closets , what a challenge ! I get nothing else accomplished while doing this .You ask yourself why do I have this or what was I thinking !!! I have one closet in particular that is under my steps ( I live in a bi-level house) and it has been the collector of many items !! But I have it all cleaned out & none of it is going back in ! So a lot of it I will be listing on Etsy and Lollishops ! Yeah , I love cleaning out , why do I wait so long !! Here is a sweet little vase that I just listed & check my shop out as I continue to add more !

The vintage keys is just a shot of some keys I have tied on a sheer panel that hangs off of one of my vintage cupboards!
Hope you had a wonderful week ! Bless you !

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Overweight Friends !

I have two overweight friends ! Ha.... bet you thought I was really going to have some human friends I was going to post about !!! Nope , these are my two "little" furry friends that do nothing but lay around all day and expect to have attention when they want it and food when ever they want it ! My grey kitty "Fluffy" ( bottom photo's )who is not fluffy at all so where did the name come from I do not know , she was soooo adorable when she was a baby, had the softest fur ever, but after she had surgery so she couldn't have kitties she put on the weight ! My black kitty ( top photo)was a stray my children brought home ( now that they are all gone ... guess who still gets the cat? ) long black fur and ever so hard to get a photo of, every spring Bear goes to get his fur shaved off, otherwise it turns into a big bad mess! Bear is huge and I have no idea how much he weighs but it is alot ! I just know that having a pet or pets to come home to is grand, even if they are work sometimes, get fur on things and sometimes scratch on things they are not suppose to !! Sorry for the bad photo's but I have an awful time getting great photo's of my kitties !

I also wanted to post about Facebook, after taking forever to get a Facebook page I finally took the time , so if you have a moment & you are on Facebook add me as a friend and also follow my blog link ( it is on the right side , scroll down a little ) ... thanks so much ! I am trying to figure out different applications for Facebook and is taking me awhile !