Thursday, January 17, 2008

Have a Heart !!

February is fast approaching & with that , everyone is thinking Valentines day !!! One day a year to show someone you care for them or love them !!! I think it should be everyday myself !!! Anyway I was going through some of my stash of vintage treasures and found this vintage valentine , I thought the graphics were so adorable !! This card was sent by my dad & his brother to my mother and her sister ( before they were married ) , so... this means this card has to be very old as my dad is 96 this month & my parents did marry & are still together all these years !!

I have been creating several styles of hearts for my Etsy shop and will post a few photos here also !! I love vintage looking hearts and softer colors , so it is very rare for me to use red !!! Hope you love them !!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tutorial on Making a Wall Paper Shoe

Gather your supplies:
wall paper shoe ( available in my Etsy shop also )
glue ..I like clear tacky glue
ribbons , lace, buttons , embelishments of choice
Various papers .. I use crepe paper
German glass glitter
thread & needle

Next , if you want to have a gathered crepe paper trim , add that first ! Gather with needle and thread , then glue on the backside.
Hold into place with a clothespin while it dries !

Next I cut out of brown craft paper ( or you can use any kind of paper) the same shoe design , and hand stich it all around the shoe , leaving the top of the shoe open

Next comes the fun part of embelishing your shoe.. I took a small piece of wired edge ribbon and made a circle ..squishing it and glued it to the top !

Next I added some teeny tiny lace along the top of the shoe to finsh off the raw edge and added some pearls for embelishment !
If you want to be able to hang your shoe you can make a loop out of ribbon and attach (glue) to the top of your shoe!If you want to add glitter , I brushed some decopodge medium to the edges of the crepe paper and dusted with silver german glass glitter! Stunning !!

Next I made a tag to insert in the top opening of the shoe ! You can make your own tag , or use a purchased one.

Insert your tag in the top of the shoe & you are done !!! Fun to attach to a gift , use as a card or hang in a special little spot !! You can add text to the shoe for a statement for a friend or yourself . The creating is the fun part !

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy new year to everyone !! I hope that this year will be full of blessings for each of you !