Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little Night Owl

My sister mailed me an adorable punch ! She loves to quilt and paper crafts also , she got this punch & loved it so much she sent one to me !!! So I had to make a family of them !! Some are a bit off , but I was just "playing" !! Punch is by Stampin Up , and so easy to use !

On another note ................................ woke up this morning to a whole new world ! Winter Wonderland ! Opened my garage door , big big giant drift ! And I still have all of my pots outside yet to put away and my patio furniture is still out ! I guess I was living in denial , thinking if I left everything as is the bad weather wouldn't come !! ha ha , was I wrong ! Super windy also , so that is why there are fall leaves intermingled with the snow ! This is really early for us to get snow , just hope it is not a preview of the up-coming winter !!!

I know what I will be doing today !!! Shoveling !!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sweet Package !!

Ever go to your mail box and to your surprise there is a parcel waiting for you that is nothing but fun !!! I was on Facebook a few days ago and I saw one of my sisters "friends" and the post had a photo of Amy Butler fabric , well anyone that likes Amy Butler fabric has got to be a friend of mine too , so I clicked on like for Four Winds Quilting , a great little quilt shop in Billings , Montana !!! So if you are ever going through you will need to stop or visit there web site !!! Little did I know , when I "liked" there shop on Facebook I was also there 100 th "like" , so I was the super lucky one to get this adorable bundle of Amy Butler fabrics !!! How fun is that ?

I have been adding more things to my Etsy shop , this morning I posted a pillow that has DREAM spelled out in vintage white / cream buttons. A smaller size pillow to tuck into a nook or in with some other little treasures to add interest or softness !!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Book Addiction!

Need I say more ? Yes , I have a book addiction and I realized the other day the I really need to do something about it ! I love fabric , paper and books ( magazines to , are they considered in the book category?) !! I am sure some of you can relate , being able to have that adorable piece of fabric to have on hand to enjoy or that new line of paper that just came out !!! Anyone else ??? Or am I the only one?

I decided that I need to part with some books so I will list some on Etsy , and if any one out there & you see a book you would love to have just email me !! There is a link on my sidebar . Contact me through my blog and they are $5.00 each plus shipping. Will do book rate if you would like to keep costs down or if they can fit in a flat rate box for several , will do that !!

Have a fabulous and creative day !!