Monday, February 12, 2007

Altered Art Bottle

Altered art bottle I created using an old vintage bottle. I covered it with papers , vintage photo of my brothers in an old wagon ! I added some embelishments of vintage tatting , buttons , ect also . Then covered it with beeswax. I traded with Partyhatgirl on Flickr , love that site ! So many neat things on it !!! So I have posted the bottle I sent Jacque ( Partyhatgirl ) and the one I recieved from her ! It is the cutest little vintage bottle ( love the shape ) with glitter ( every girls favorite ) and beads ! It is always fun to get something in the mail !!!


Annabelle said...

Oh I can comment! I have been trying to figure out why there is no place to place a comment on some of your posts.
Those bottles are just lovely. The glitter is always a favorite of mine. And Fluffy is precious but these pets do take a lot out of you; I have two cats, a dog and a bird. All my daughters' except you think they’re



ltthings said...

Annabelle, Thanks for the comment ! For some reason , the comment option would never show up , I hope I have it fixed for good now .It worked , then disapeared without changing settings ! That's why I added a guest book ! Yes pets are work , but I cant imagine being without one either !!!
Thanks !

Tootie said...

I see you love "Pretty Little Things" by Sally Alexander. I love that book too! I bought it a few months ago and have tried some of the projects....burned a few fingers in the soldering process too. Your bottles are beautiful and remind me of the things Sally Jean's. I also enjoy her website as well.
Your blog is wonderful!