Thursday, March 13, 2008

For a Busy Day .......

Many times when I know that my day is going to be full of too much to do and not enough hours , I love to make this for our evening meal !! I know it may sound crazy , but I love it !!

In your crock pot put a beef roast , one jar of salsa ( 16 oz ) and one can of coke !!! Okay you are thinking ..gross.....but trust me , it is fabulous !! I make sure it cooks all day ( I cook mine on high ) and it is so tender and falls apart . The flavor is great , we put the meat on tortilla's and add cheese , sour cream and any other extras you want ! So , try it and leave me a comment if you do and let me know what you think of it !!!

Spring is on it's here is a photo of one of my spring decorations in my home. Some little treasures under a glass dome. Iam so ready for nice weather and to have open windows and listen to the birds sing !

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