Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not Frilly !!

Okay , this post has nothing to do with frills, art , nothing pink or vintage !!!! Just a little info about where I live . It has been crazy in this area for the last year or so in my town or should I say ...area , and now is going to get even "crazier" ! Because of all the oil business in this area it has been booming , jobs are in abundance , but finding a place to live is even harder for some ! The motels in the area are usually full with "workers" ! The U. S. Geological Survey released details of its most recent study on the Bakken formation in the Williston Basin of Montana and North Dakota. The survey shows that there is a lot more oil in this area than they actually thought ! Homes are being built as fast as possible and apartment complexes going up to house everyone . All makes for major changes in our area ! We are in the center of it all ! The photo is of bumper stickers "Rockin The Bakken".
The price of gas keeps going up & many times we pay even more per gallon here !!! But if someone is unemployed it would have to be because they don't want to work !! So , hope I didn't bore you too much !!


Michele said...

It reminds me of when my parents bought the house I grew up in. At that time our little neighborhood was all there was. We were surrounded by orchards. It often felt like we were in the country because of the orchards, lack of people, and the little creek in our track. Now, how different it is! No more orchards as they've been replaced by houses, more houses, and even more houses. We even have a lightrale down the street!!

So many changes!


Mrs.Kwitty said...

That's not boring! lol Exciting really--it's good to hear that the economy is booming AND we have a new oil source that has nothing to do with the Middle East, yeah!
Smiles, Karen

Plus...Rockin the Bakken is just fun to say! *grin*

Deanne said...

I love Rockin the Bakken! And love coming from Willi at nite and seeing all the oil well lights and fires. I hope this boom lasts a real long time for 'home'!

Pieceful Bits said...

Our housing market is suffering in our area right now. My hubby is a framing carpenter and has been pretty much laid off and on since Jan. Think he might need a trip there??!!! We are near Chicago..I bet he wouldnt want to travel and leave US. Glad to hear ur area is doing well and bringing us more options for Oil.
P.S. cool saying Rockin the Bakken