Monday, June 23, 2008

Painting and Painting !!!

The last few weeks I have painted my kitchen,dining room,living room ( which includes a high stairwell entry way) my office and a bathroom downstairs and my bedroom !! Was a lot to tackle at one time so my home has been in a huge mess ! I realize when you paint it then leads to more things ... like organize this , or clean out this ..change the decor or eliminate totally !!! I still am in the process of putting things away !

My kitchen,living room ,dining room and entry are all connected so I painted all of those walls in a Bona Fide Beige ( Sherwin Williams colors) and one wall I painted a darker color called Mocha ! Photo is of an area in my kitchen by my back door.. my favorite shabby keeper ! And all of the trim is painted white.

I painted my office the same Bona Fide Beige on three walls and one wall a muted turquoise blue color ( tradewind) . Usually Iam not a blue person but I painted a similar color in a clients home not long ago and loved it ... so I decided to do my office in it ! I also found some curtain panels that are in the same blue tones and have a look of silk, finished off the whole room ( in the photo the curtains look bright , they are not , just the sheen made it apear that way ) They actually match my wall very close in color !!

I also painted my bedroom and bathroom in a muted green color called Ramie . It is more in the brown/green colors. Below is a little corner in my bathroom !!

Last but not least is my downstairs bathroom ...I painted it with the same paint from my office , the Tradewind ( a muted turquoise blue..robins egg blue ) , the upper wall is in a antique white because I didnt want it to get to dark for a bathroom . And the trim is painted white .

Just a little peek into what I have been keeping busy with ! Now I need to get busy and start creating again !!!


Pieceful Bits said...

MY you have been busy painting! It all looks beautiful:) Thanks for the tiny peek:)


Anonymous said...

Very Pretty Eunicce!! Kristin

Simply Me Art said...

Beautiful Colors you chose. I really like them, Jamie

Stephanie said...

hi neighbor!
I finally found the time to check out your etsy shop and got directed here! What a lovely blog you have as well as some beautiful etsy pieces!!!!
Thank you so much for being such a kind neighbor to me/us, and for being such a sweet lady!!

Sweetina said...

Hi there!
I love your blog! You have done alot of beautiful painting! Your home looks gorgeous and the colors are lovely. You are a brave woman to finish so man rooms!
I'll bet the whole home feels so cosy and fresh~thanks for showing us!
Love your shop as you know :)

Joelle said...

Beautiful! LOVE all the colors and so charming! but of course... everything you do is!
Best Wishes ~
Joelle XO