Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Around the House !

Thought I would just share a few photos of some things in my home ! Sometimes the things we posses are not valuable in others eyes , but the sentimental value is more ! Everything has it's own story !

The first photo is of a very old cup & saucer ! My mother ( who is 89 years) purchased this when she was first married for just pennies ! My father ( who is 96 years ) used this cup for his coffee ! My parents have had a wonderful marriage, one routine that they always had was my mother made coffee first thing in the morning and then brought my dad coffee in bed & they would sit for awhile in bed and start their day around a cup of coffee ! I know it is hard to imagine for some people , but I really never remember my parents ever having a disagreement even when I was growing up, I guess one would have to say "happily married" fits them well !

Second little photo is of one of my white depression glass sets with sweet little birdies nested inside ! They are Dept 56 birds , I found lost at a thrift shop and they wanted a home ! Now they are happy to have someone to care for them !!
Hope you enjoyed a little peek at some of my treasures !


Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hello, this is my first visit, by way of our Lolli Guild. Wanted to stop by and check your blog. Good for your, in Somerset Home! I LUV Somerset Mags!!!
Noticed your verse on the side-bar...
greetings & hugs from a fellow believer!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by. I loved my visit at your house too!! Isn't it wonderful to have things from our family that were used every day? I have some things given to me recently by an aunt that were from my great-grandmother in Ireland. It is so magical to picture my ancestors passing the celery at their dinner table in the same beautiful dish that now rests in a beautiful cabinet. Congratulations on Somerset! THere isn't anything like seeing your spare time and joy in print!!

Warm Regards,