Friday, May 21, 2010

yard work...gardening..plants !

I have been so busy the last week , doing much needed yard work and gardening ! Now that our weather has cooperated and spring is finally here ! We had a lot of rain and it put a lot of yard work behind ! So it is full force yard work now & because I am the only chief cook and bottle washer here it is only me who gets the yard work done too ! But I do enjoy it , planting and watching everything grow , it is a wonderful thing ! I have all along the front of my house the "white" rocks from when I moved into this home over 15 years ago ! Now it is all crummy and the weeds pop through and is looking bad , so I decided I have to quit putting it off and remove all of the rocks !! This may be an on-going summer project ! It is a lot of work getting all of those little rocks up ! I have been using plastic tubs to put all of them in ! I am planting some different ferns as it faces north and they do well there , my most favorite fern is this one ... the tube fern !When they get bigger , they are impressive! I also planted an adorable Juncus "Twister" in a pot , I love all of the twisted and varied greens in this one plant !
I also made a three tiered planter that I had seen on Positively Splendid , you can click here for her tutorial ! Her planter was painted in wonderful bright colors ! I did mine in hammered finish tones and then stenciled my house numbers on also ! This will also be in the area where I am removing all of the "rocks" so it looks a little tacky right now !
I also planted some more perennial plants , one is for kitties , and yes I have caught my kitty tasting it ! I can not remember the name of the plant though !
I also have a lot of thinning out to do , I have some Lily of the Valley ( I love these plants ) but they are growing out of there space and need to get back into control ! They are in the top photo of this post !! I have also been working on my garden , about 90 % done and hope it all grows !

I know that the stakes are not really very "cute" but do the job well .They are from a local company Stringliner , I have known them most of my life , you may have seen some of there products in your local stores !
Last photo is of an adorable squirrel ! Our neighbor had caught it and brought it over so we could all see it , my daughter & her family were here so the grand kids got to "touch" it ! The squirrel and family had been creating some problems on there patio roof , so they were repairing it and caught the squirrel , but let it go back in the same spot ! Super adorable , at least I think so !

Have a fabulous weekend ... I have got to get back to creating soon !

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The Blackwood Cottage said...

It is the little things....oh my gosh love the shot of the squirrel! Have a great one,