Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Funky and Fabulous Finds

Have come across some fabulous finds , thought I would share some of them with you ! I came across this wonderful old box ....lifted it and inside it is full of metal letters for a sign. These would be great in altered art , or even in home decor ! A lot of letters all in various sizes!
Found these vintage science lab flasks ! Love the tallest one , has an adorable little glass stopper also , the design of these is so simple , yet has the potential to make a great statement on a shelf or table scape !
Do you love wine?? A wicker wine case , ready to carry on an afternoon outing ! How cute is that?
Old buttons !! My eyes seem to search these out all the time , What is it about old buttons , seems like they can tell a story all of there own ! Love the carved buttons in this tin I got full of a bunch of "stuff" !
Vintage ( well somewhat vintage) aviation log book , I love the images , great for altered art projects !! Fabulous colors !

Have a wonderful week ! Summer has been so busy that my posting is now & then whenever I can fit one it , hope you are having a fabulous summer !!


LuLu Kellogg said...

You lucky girl! I love all your finds!


Elyse said...

super cool finds!

happy summer ~


A Dusty Frame said...

ooo! I love the old letters:)

Is the vintage science glass Pyrex? I've heard that some of that sells for $$$!

Thanks for stopping by my "camp" post:)


Vanessa said...

Look at all those lovely finds!! The buttons are beautiful and each one is so unique. Happy 4th to you Eunice and many blessings ~Vanessa :)

Judy's Vintage Collections said...

Happy 4th Eunice, you and I are alot alike! BUT, you got talent and it shows so in your artwork!
I love buying supplies and then
I get all these good ideals???
and lots ofbain storms of what I am going to do! Then like you said in your other posting. Where does all my time go? Yard work, I have moved, I had great changes in the last 9 months, and then the prayers needed for my children, grandchilden, and now great-grandchildren! :)))) U know I do love every minute of it!!! This past year, my son worked in Singapore, and flew home every other month! My next to the youngest grandson joined the Airforce. Need I say more? Time is always passing so fast and at my age anyhow! LOL! But I am so thankful I live in a Country that I can shout! Praises to Jesus!
Thankful for that one everyday!
I love your art and love checking in on you! I might not always post a comment but you do inspire me to get-something going! :))))
(((Hugs))) from my heart!
in the Heart of Texas!
PS: a dear friend that has passed from this life, gave me that flag picture and I do treasure the gift!
God is good!

Pam @ diy Design Fanatic said...

Very cool interesting finds! Thanks for the nice comment on my backyard garden transformation!

Prior said...

oh, my those letters are to die for... and the lab dishes...the buttons... You hit the jack pot girl! Lezlee