Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Little Fairy Garden

This summer I planted a Fairy Garden in a large oval metal tub ! A little mini garden I guess is what it is , my granddaughter loves it , and if I add anything new , she knows it ! We even had to make one for her ! She has some little dolls that she likes to use in my Fairy Garden , sometimes when I am outside watering I notice added rocks or things have been changed around I know she has been busy playing in it !
I like my ceramic mushrooms ! Adorable , yet colorful !
A sweet little red lantern that is by a small wire chair !
A tiny wheelbarrow with some little rocks and leaves , see the hanging basket , photo was close to it so is hard to make out , but is adorable ! And of course every garden needs a bird bath !!A fun little project , I always have changes I want to make with it and next year I will do other improvements also , but for now , hope you enjoyed the tour !

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Sandy Michelle said...

This is so cute. I always wanted to do one :)