Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cookies !

Just had to post these adorable cookies ! My youngest daughter was hosting a shower for one of her friends who had just been blessed with a new little baby girl ! For the shower she made special cookies for everyone to take home as a favor, I think they turned out soooo adorable ( I had to sneak two away ) she decorated them in pastels and each one stored in a sweet little cellophane bag , easy to take home in.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend !! I am off to creating ... need to get a lot more made for my upcoming craft sale!


Vanessa said...

Those are soo cute! I used to sell those in my bake shop but they take soooo much time!!! I hope you have a blessed weekend :)

Lea said...

Those cookies are adorable. Ohhh how I could eat a plateful right now! lol *sigh*

When I make sugarcookies at Christmas, they never look "pretty" like that. Instead the green or red frosting is all over the place and hides the cute cutout so you can't even tell if you're eating a reindeer or snowman. lol Oh well, it also hides the burnt edges. BUT YOUR DAUGHTERS cookies look perfect!!

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Those cookies look so scruptious! I only hope they tasted as good as they looked! Awesome.