Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Inside My Studio !!

Oh my , a look inside my studio on some days can be overwhelming !! I usually know where everything is , but it can look like a disorganized mess at times . I usually work on several projects at a time , I love sewing , making jewelry & altered art . Fabric & paper are two things I can never have enough of !! If someone could clean my house & make meals I'd be set !!

A group on Flickr just started ... The Studio Shot Tuesdays ! Always fun to explore other studio's . http://www.flickr.com/groups/495311@N22/pool/ Check it out !!
My photos are of my sewing machine , it is a commercial Singer ! It sews like lightening , when I first fot it I thought .. help .. cant do this , goes too fast ! But now Iam so use to it , I love it !! The "note board" I made from an old vintage window ! And the last shot is of a portion of my shelves & "stuff " !!


Sadie Lou said...

I like your studio! I could play in there for hours-I'm sure. Wouldn't that be fun? To swap studios and see what the other person made?

ltthings said...

Sadie lou , thank you so much for stopping by !!! Yes it would be interesting to visit other studio's & "play" with there treasures !!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I have complete studio envy. What a pretty workspace!

Pretty Fun said...

I LOVE seeing other people's workspaces! Your's is so pretty. Ihave pictures of mine on my blog if you want ot take a peek.

In My Head Studios said...

will you come by and organize my mess? i'll make you some tea. :)

your tidiness is inspiring!!