Sunday, August 19, 2007

Treasures and Goodies !!

I went to several yard sales over the weekend . Did find lots of wonderful treasures !! One was a vintage hat with fabulous millinery flowers all over it ,resting in the white pedestal dish.. the colors are the best ! Also scooped up several spools of sheer ribbon from a local designer going out of business ! And I am addicted to baskets and can not pass them by ever , they can contain things & look great ! Also when I purchased the hat the vendor also had these vintage buttons , my fav is the card with the pink baby buttons ( who does not love pink ? ) !! I will include some buttons in the Vintage Giveaway on the Vintage Indie Blog for Sept .

This past week my daughter in law put on a baby shower for my youngest daughter who is expecting in Sept. ! We know it is a girl & they have picked out a name also.... Hadassah , a Jewish name , and they are going to call her Haddie , so I made a framed collage for her room , all pink & glittery !


One Busy Mom said...

nice blog

Barbra said...

I am so envious that you have good yard sales to find passion. Love your blog and am now going to check out your shop.