Saturday, January 24, 2009


This past week I have been working on several projects ! While I was so busy creating, I started to ponder my work space..... I create better when it is in a mess, because more of my things are at hand. After a big creating "spree" I do have to pull in the reins and do a mass cleaning and re-organize everything ! I did take a few shots of some of the things in one of my work rooms ... yes , I am fortunate enough that I have two work rooms ! One is an office room , where I have my large sewing machine and lots of shelves for stuff on end ! The other room is suppose to be a family room so it is large and I have a "desk" that goes around three of the walls I can never complain of enough work area ! I usually have several projects going at all times on this area ! So I leave you with some pic's:
A shelf with some jars of treasures
a basket I keep some stray papers in
Vintage hat box that I also keep smaller stray vintage trims
Thanks for stopping by !


Say It With Roses said...

I love a day of reorganizing as I find things I forgot I had and I get all excited!! I like to make my small area as attractive as I can with baskets and neat old boxes, etc. It inspires me.


signsoftimensuch said...

I can see my room again but I am in the mood to really do it over again...mmmmmmm hugs, cheryl