Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tools and Treasures !

I have been spending a lot of time in my studio , creating and also organizing again ...so I can get it all into a big mess again !! I am sure that we all get attached to some tools we use and today I will share a few of mine ! I have lots of scissors , but these two are my most used ! I purchased these Mundial scissors a few years ago and use them only for my sewing , they cut sooooo well! The feather edge scissor is also one of my most favorite ones to use in my paper crafting projects ! I love the edge that it creates !

I love these pliers, they were my dad's and they are very old , but I have used them and used them on so many projects, they are the right size and ever so easy to use ! The awl is something my son gave me from his stash ( he has a giant one) and I have also used these for so many different things . He creates fabulous jewelry from precious stones , most of them he finds right from his area where he lives , he also works with glass, which is another new project I will have to learn ! He mailed a glass kiln to me so I will have to "melt" things now !! Oh if only there were enough hours in the day !!!

And I have some of my rubber stamps in this wood container , easy for me to glance at them and see what I need !! Sad to admit , but these are just some of mine , my clear sets are in another container !
Thanks for stopping by !!


signsoftimensuch said...

how neat...now a Kiln! hugs, cheryl

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Wow--a kiln?! That should be fun to play with! I have to say, I love my Mundial scissors too...out of all my scissors, they are my fav.
It was fun having a little look around your studio this morning!
Smiles, Karen

Wanda said...

Great way to display your stamps and keep them neet at the same time. I would love a small kiln to melt glass etc. I have a large one for ceramics I use it for my china painting. TTFN

Uniquely Myself said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Forgive me if this has been duplicated. Blogger was acting up.

Gossamer Creations said...

You look so organized, that is wonderful. I tend to get kind of messy when I am working. I strive to be organized. Have a great day.

Amy said...

Eunice!! You have an award to collect...come see!