Friday, October 9, 2009

Crazy !

That is the only thing I can come up with !!! I woke up this AM to a dusting of snow on the ground , which does not make me happy .... brrrrr , but I was also amazed at how the tree in my front yard had all the leaves on yesterday & today they are all in my yard , they never had a chance to change colors, there all green ! I am hoping we will have some warmer fall days ahead !

I have been working on many projects , I have less than a week to finish everything up for the upcoming sale ! A photo line-up of some of the paintings I have done , not such a great photo ... I just sat them on the floor against my tv cabinet in my studio !


icandy... said...

These are just wonderful! I love the colors~ it's a nice photo! You really are a very talented painter!
Happy weekend!

Priscila said...

I love these...very sweet!

Im having a giveaway if you are interested!

signsoftimensuch said...

These are so neat..I love them! Hope you are all doing well and your parents!!! hugs and prayers, cheryl