Saturday, October 31, 2009

Time and Finds

I was out and about this week and stopped at a local thrift shop , I came across this .... I love it ! Of course when I got it it had dirt and "stuff" all in the inside on the glass insert. Now I need to decide what I want to put in it ! Any ideas??? Let me know in the comments , would love to hear some ideas !!

It is also that time of the year .... fall back an hour in time tonight !!!! A decorative clock in one of my rooms that a friend gave to me awhile ago because she didn't want it , so there it sits ! It is all decoration and does not even tell time !!
I listed my chandelier painting on Etsy , can be found by clicking here.


Vanessa said...

Hey Eunice!! Love the painting. It is soo pretty! I would put the vase/container find in the kitchen(if you have room!). You could fill it with lemons, flowers etc. and it would make a nice focal point or on the dinning room table with pine cones in it for Christmas or leaves in it for Thanksgiving. I have these cute lil corn husk pumpkins that I like to put out.. so you can dress up something like that for any holiday really. What a great find!!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I've had a clock that has sat for years with the time of 11:25 and I love it! It has a special place in my cottage home where it pays no attention to the passing hours and just looks beautiful! Who says time cannot stand still! (Chuckle!) Have a beautiful Sunday! Coralie