Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who Could Do This ?

Is that an adorable face ? My son in law was driving out of town the other evening and found this adorable dog on the side of the road. Mind you we have been having very cold weather STILL , like -20 below ( yes , that is really really cold !)  He  brought him home ( he had ice chunks stuck to the bottom & a hurt leg) he would not of lasted the night outside. It is such a good little dog , trained and good with my grand children ( he tries to sneek in their room when it's nap time ) ! He has a vet apointment today.So I would have to just ask , why would someone just dump a sweet little dog off on the road to just freeze to death ?  If people want a pet , remember it's forever or if a situation does arise please find it a home or if nothing else take it to the pound, better than letting it have a slow death. Not the best photo , he moves to much to get a good shot , laying on a pile of blankets ! Warm again & lots of food and love !
I will try to post some projects I have been working on. I have been busy with life , so I have not had much time to post much!!!  Just surviving winter , yesterday I was driving very slow on a side street because they all have ice and ruts and chunks on them and I just started to slide ...sideways , yikes and hit a large pile of snow that is really a big chunk of ice , so I damaged the front bumper on my Jeep! Oh crumb , dislike that a lot ! So ready for spring !
Have a wonderful & blessed day !!


Diane Mars said...

I am so glad your son was at the right place at the right time! Such sweet news.

BLISS angels said...

I'm with you being an owner of two furry babies I still don't understand how anyone could be so mean.. The doggy angels were out when your son found him and I'm so pleased he is in the warm...and it getting lots of love and care...god bless you for taking him in... hugs wendy

Thespa said...

It's sad that things like that happen too often. Although I guess it's possible that that sweet little dog is a good escape artist too. Keep an eye out when opening doors etc. But what a cutie!

Jeanne said...

What an adorable face he has! How could someone do that to such a sweet little face? You're his angel for taking him in - how wonderful!

Years ago we found a pair of newborn kittens abandoned in 90 degree summer weather in an industrial park full of hot concrete and asphalt. My husband brought them home and we had to bottle-feed them since they were so young. We kept them both and the last one passed away last year at 20 years old!


Auntie Bliss said...

I keep seeing bloggers who say there is a stray at their house. We got one too and she is so sweet :) I guess they just get so cold they leave home looking for a warmer place!