Friday, March 11, 2011

Will it Arrive?

Will it arrive ? Spring that is !!  This has been a brutal winter and it seems as though it just goes on and on !! Yesterday was so nice out with snow melting, how wonderful that was ! This AM though , we had "icey" rain  , now turning into snow! Fortunately it is not suppose to last long !  With the weather keeping a lot of folks a little blue , I have been creating some paper flowers , creating my own spring I guess ! Parer flowers that I will use in some projects I am working on ! Love working with paper ! These are some quilled flowers, paper swirls and the fans from a die .
Have a wonderful weekend


Vanessa said...

Those paper flowers are gorgeous Eunice!! Each one is so creative. I hope spring comes soon for you. It's already here in Tucson but that is to be expected..its hot most of the year. Wishing you a blessed weekend!

Heidi said...

These paper flowers are lovely! I'd love to try to make something like these. Happy Spring!

Valarie said...

Oh, these flowers are just amazing. LOVE them. Have a wonderful day. Valarie