Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

Just got my tree up ! It is always the last thing I put up for the holidays , for starters I don't like the tree I have ( takes up too much room in my living room) I would like to get a different one , but I didn't get that accomplished yet , so .... it is still the same tree from the past years ! I have used the same ornaments also from the past years , some of them I will share. My children , even if they don't live at home anymore all prefer when I use the same ornaments from the past years , I guess it is a trip down memory lane instead of having a beautiful tree where everything matches and is updated !This is a little angel one of my children made many years ago , it gets put on the tree still every year !
Little body from a pompom and the wings are some gold leaves , was made in school ! The little crochet baskets , all are in white in various sizes, my mom made many years ago also ... she is 90 years old now !! I will always keep those as a treasure.
The next little decorations are some icicles that a friend gave me , made using beads.
And this is the tree ! Every year I always plan to change the colors , as I do not like gold , but for some reason it never gets changed !! So maybe next year ! Where my tree is I usually have a chair there next to a vintage hutch that my tv is in !
Last photo is of a distressed basket I have sitting on my kitchen floor ( by my water cooler , you can see it on the left side..not so pretty , but I use it all the time !) filled with various dolls I have made over the years .. lets just say , a long time ago ! The very top photo is of my most favorite Christmas decoration and it always sits on top of a vintage hutch in my living room . It is an old church that lights up with bottle brush trees and mica flakes all over it. I remember this when I was young always peering in the stained glass windows wondering what it would be like inside ! So after my mother downsized a lot of their decorations I claimed it as mine ! I hope you enjoyed the "tour" ! I am linking this to Funky Junk's Myyy Christmas Tree , a lot of wonderful Christmas trees to admire !


Vanessa said...

Your tree looks awesome Eunice!! I have my tree decorated with crystal, blues, silvers and white. This year the tree went up late. We normally put it up right after Thanksgiving but I was sick for a week and then hubby was so it delayed our decorating this year. Our tree takes hours to put up! It's big and you have to assemble it branch by branch ugh.. quite a bear. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! blessings ~Vanessa :)

LuLu Kellogg said...

Eunice, your tree is so beautiful! I got my little winged ornament and it looks so pretty. You do the most amazing work.

Love to you,